Livewire High School 4 Day Camp

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Livewire High School 4 Day Camp

UPDATE: MON and TUES sessions are FULL. Limited spots remain in Wednesday 8/5 and Thursday 8/6 sessions

4 DAY CAMPAUGUST 3rd – 6th 8am – 10am each day

COST is $25/day Due to Demand, you must pay to confirm your spot!

Get ready for your upcoming school season and tryouts! Incoming Grades 9-12, players from all clubs are welcome.

Please fill out online registration form fully. Payment will be collected during online registration.

Livewire Participation Waiver

All physical activity has risks that may range from a fall, to muscle and ligament damage, to circulatory or heart disorders. Consequently you must make sure that your health is adequate to participate in the strenuous, vigorous physical activity involved in athletic participation. It is your responsibility to check with the physician of your choice about your health status and if there is any question regarding your fitness for participation. If you, at any time during your participation, experience any distress or have any questions regarding your participation, notify your coach. Livewire Volleyball LLC provides no participant accident insurance or athletic accident insurance for tryouts or participation in any organized team training, individual volleyball training, fitness training, LWSSA (LW Speed, Strength and Agility, including weight training) or open gym trainings. You must provide your own medical coverage.
Participant is fully aware and hereby acknowledges and accepts all risks of exposure to communicable diseases, including but not limited to, COVID-19, Coronaviruses, and MRSA. Be aware that communicable diseases, including COVID-19, are excluded from all insurance coverages.
WHEREAS the undersigned voluntarily desires to participate in a team practice, play session, tryout, private lesson, open gym, camp, LWSSA or fitness training; USA Volleyball sanctioned or otherwise; and
WHEREAS the undersigned is duly aware of the risks and hazards that may arise through participation in said activities and that participation in said activities may result in loss of life, limb, property, or all three, of the undersigned.
THEREFORE, it is agreed as follows:
THAT in consideration of being allowed to participate in said activities, the undersigned hereby voluntarily assumes all risks and accident or damage to his/her person or property and all risks of liability or demands of any kind sustained, whether caused by the negligence of Livewire Volleyball LLC agents or employees, or otherwise; and
THE undersigned further voluntarily agrees that the above release shall be binding upon their heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns, of the undersigned; and
THE undersigned hereby affirms having accident and medical insurance coverage and having adequate health status to participate in strenuous physical activity. The undersigned further acknowledges that the undersigned has the right to refuse to attempt, or to withdraw from the physical activity for any reason. The undersigned accepts the responsibility to report any injury, illness, distress, or preexisting condition that may impair performance, or other problems to the Livewire Volleyball coach and staff at Livewire.
THE undersigned, by signing this release, hereby certifies that the undersigned has read and fully understands and agrees with the conditions herein provided.

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