Speed-Strength-Agility Training!

Posted by Livewire Volleyball on Dec 03 2017 at 04:01PM PST

Livewire is excited to announce our partnership with Jack Meyers/Ambition Athletics to provide the best onsite Speed, Strength and Agility (LWSSA) program for our athletes. LWSSA is Volleyball Specific Training with a focus on increased speed, strength, vertical leap, and agility. Our program incorporates various methods of plyometrics, agility ladders, resistance bands, medicine balls, weight training and much more. All instruction takes place onsite at Livewire in a safe and supervised environment. The focus at all times will be proper technique and mechanics for maximum benefit and injury prevention.

Athletes who are consistent with their LWSSA training (2 times per week) should expect to see an improvement in the following areas:
Vertical Leap
Footwork Agility
Reaction Speed
Core Strength
Hitting Power

Are your ready to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL? Visit our LWSSA page for more to get enrolled!